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This week we are loving… Emma Hardie

The fabulous founder of Emma Hardie Amazing Face.  We heart Emma’s passion, enthusiasm and love of the beauty industry and we are always eternally thankful for Emma launching the wonder that is Moringa Cleansing Balm!  Plenty of giggles, adventures and mischief-making whenever we meet – always a joy.  Check out Emma’s loves and likes:

What’s your Face Saving Skin-Care Tip?

Always massage your skin daily using the unique Emma Hardie ‘lines not circles’ technique to help keep the skin looking radiant and toned


What would be your Desert Island Item?

Moringa Cleansing Balm of course!  It’s our award-winning multipurpose wonder balm – I wouldn’t be without it


Favourite tipple and why?

A little Gin and tonic now and again…light, refreshing and it seems to settle my stomach!


Play-time or down-time?

A difficult one as I love to dance for ‘play-time’ and my ‘down-time’ to relax is to swim


Favourite thing in the world?

My dear mother, Sukey… a true inspiration and constant in my life


Where you hope to be in ten years in ten words?

On a desert island bathing in a Moringa Balm tub!


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