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…Emily Hunter! The fabulous editor of leading trade and industry publication, Beauty Magazine.  We love Emily’s passion and enthusiasm for the beauty industry and her constant support for our wonderful clients…and plenty of belly-laughs whenever we meet – always a smile and a huge joy.

Face Saving Make-Up tip
The most transformative make-up tip I have ever learnt is the art of colour correction to counteract dark circles. I dot a mix of peach and yellow concealer under my eyes and blend, then finish with a dusting of Laura Mercia Brightening Powder. I still often look tired, but this trick definitely makes me look more alive than I would otherwise! 

Desert Island item
Beauty-wise, I would opt for Emma Hardie Plump & Glow Hydrating Facial Mist to cool and hydrate my sunburnt face! But I think I would get pretty bored pretty quickly so although I know it would be a little out of place on a desert island, the item I would pick would be a piano. I’ve just started playing again after a 10 year break and I can lose hours sitting and murdering playing music.

Favourite tipple
I love a good dark rum with a splash of Diet Coke. My Guyanese friend introduced me to El Dorado 21 Year Old which is the best I have ever tasted – but it’s outrageously expensive here, so I’m waiting until she goes to Guyana and brings some back for me until I can drink it again (chop chop Angela!)

Play-time or down-time
I love the down-time either side of play-time – getting ready for a night out is always a joy, as I get to play with my huge stash of make-up – I always give myself at least an hour to put my face on so I can experiment a bit. And the day after (as long as I’m not too hungover!) I love binge-watching trashy TV shows on Netflix and laughing with my friends about all the ways we have inevitably embarrassed ourselves the night before – they are all hilarious and we can’t be trusted in public when we’re together!

Favourite thing in the world
My Kindle has been a revelation – I love reading anything and everything, and spend hours trawling through bestseller lists. I’ve got a list of things I want to read  saved on my iPhone that I think I may struggle to make it through in my lifetime, and I add to it daily! My Kindle has transformed my 2-hour daily commute into enjoyable me-time as I get to spend it all reading and currently get through at least one book a week! I guess my husband isn’t bad either :-).

Where you hope to be in ten years in ten words
In Bali, sipping rum enjoying the fruits of my labour (but more realistically – where I am but richer, wiser, even happier and thinner!!)

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