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… Dr Om Prawarisa, founder of OM Skincare. Dr Om inspires us with her vast amount of knowledge of scientific skincare ingredients that can transform the skin and her passion for combining this with the positive message of mindfulness; her belief that your skin is a direct result of your physical and emotional well-being and deserves the best that nature and science can provide. We love her down to earth attitude to life and her love of a good dessert!

Face Saving Makeup Tip?
My go-to products / tips for emergency occasions would be… last minute party invitations always mean a slick of black eyeliner, brown eyeshadow and a dash of orange lipstick. A fresh makeup look for an out-of-the-blue visit from someone special means clear gel mascara and all purposed tinted balm to give a bit of colour to my cheeks and lips.

Desert Island product?
Definitely my Invisible Finish Primer SPF40, it gives me a natural glowing no makeup made-up look, whilst also protecting my skin against the UV rays from the sun and it has loads of added skincare benefits 🙂

Favourite tipple?
My all-time favourite is a glass of good red wine, I always manage to find an excuse to have an early or midweek glass of red; with it being a good source of antioxidant! I am also currently addicted to KOJI HARDSHAKE from Dandelyan love the smell of burnt marshmallow & the taste is amazingly indescribable.

Play-time or down-time?
A mixture of both – it could be four days down time and three days play time per week but these numbers can change depending on the situation. The most important time I give myself is five minutes before I go to bed and five minutes when I wake up when I mindfully stay in the moment and meditate… breathe in and breathe out – this both prepares me for the day ahead and allows me to let go of the day before I sleep.

Favourite thing in the world?
Too many to mention – I list down three favourite things every day (that includes moments).

Where do you hope to be in ten years in ten words?
Enjoying life and contributing positively and valuably to the world.

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