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Helen Goldie, Managing Director at Emma Hardie Ltd. and a great friend. Helen’s passion, enthusiasm and creativity is always so inspiring and we absolutely love her infectious laugh and a glass or two of fizz with her at the end of a hard day!

Face saving make-up tip?
“Skin first make up second” great skincare is a must and without question the most important face saving tip…  ‘you can’t put a silk glove on a sours ear’ as my mother would say. Emma Hardie skincare has made my skin look better with age, I can’t say fairer than that.

Desert island product?
“EYEBROWS” I’m never ever seen without perfect eyebrows…  I was first inspired by Boy George at the age of 17 and his perfect makeup / blending techniques. I am currently loving the Chella Taupe Eyebrow Pencil from Australia – the very best shade and product I have used in 25 years of painting eyebrows on!

Favourite tipple?
Krug… keep it simple!

Down time or play time?
Play time! With my dog Dave (pictured) and there is nothing better for me than being with friends and family over dinner laughing to reduce stress.

Favourite thing in the world?
Stepping off a plane, feeling the heat on my face and knowing I’m on holiday and not there for business. Travel is my favourite thing in the world.

Where do you hope to be in ten years in ten words?
To have figured out work life balance I think it’s a myth!!



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