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Lovely Leonard Daly… one of Ireland’s top freelance make-up artists, based in Dublin with a very impressive client list, amazing talent and skill!  One of our fave’s at CFPR, Leonard has been a dear friend and great supporter and fan of all our wonderful clients – always a joy to catch-up and have a giggle with Leonard.

Face Saving Make-Up tip

For me the best face saving makeup tip is not makeup, it’s a good skincare regime, the better your skin the less need for makeup, so in the long run it really is a makeup tip, sort of…… So use plenty of  Glycolic Acid and plenty of sunscreen. If I was pushed for an actual makeup tip it would have to be good mascara, if your lashes are good it makes everything okay!!

Desert Island product

This is like Sophie’s choice, the practical choice is SPF, as it is a desert island with lots of sun, but I don’t think I would survive without a decent hydrator… I think I would have to bring along Egyptian Magic, which is a healing cream to help with the sunburn, but it is one of those magical creams that really works for everything you can even use it as hair mask. I assume that the desert island product is an incredibly large tub as I’ll be using lots of it!

Favourite tipple

I do not drink alcohol and my favourite ‘tipple’ is Diet Coke, but I am in the process of trying to give that up now, it’s been 5 days, 6 hours and 36 minutes and I have managed not to kill anyone! As I don’t drink tea or coffee it was my only caffeine source…… Here’s hoping I make it to day 6

Play-time or down-time

Down-time for sure, I travel so much for work that being home on the couch with Glenn and the dogs is my favourite place to be. I also think that I partied so much in the 90’s that I had all of the play-time that was allotted to me.

Favourite thing in the world

After my husband Glenn (on the right) it would have to be the dogs, we have two Peggy & Desmond and they are spoilt rotten. If it I had to pick a thing it would be my iPhone, it makes life so much easier to be able to check emails, diary, social media etc.

Where you hope to be in ten years in ten words

Sitting on the couch with Glenn and the Puppies (hopefully a fancier couch!)


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