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…Eminé Ali Rushton is a busy lady. She’s a mum, the Beauty & Wellbeing Director at Psychologies, and has also managed to squeeze in being the author of The Balance Plan, which is due to go live on April 16th.



Face saving make-up tip?

Blusher, always. A bright peachy-pink, ideally cream, formula is the shortest cut I know to warming up and softening a tired face.


Desert island product?

If I’m stuck on a desert island I wouldn’t care a jot about my appearance, but would definitely need SPF! I rate suncare from Zelens.


Favourite tipple?

A lovely little glass of port… After a visit to the best producers in Porto, I’m a bit obsessed with the Fonseca 20 year aged Tawny!
Play-time or down-time?

Always down time. I love switching everything off, playing old records, or Classic FM, and curling up with a pile of food, interiors and country style magazines or a favourite old novel.


Favourite thing in the world?

My childrens’ hysterical breathless laughter.


Where would you hope to be in 10 years in 10 words?

Tending a little plot, growing my own, my family flourishing.

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