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London-based make-up artist and hair stylist Salina Thind has over 10 years’ experience in the industry working across various platforms including fashion, editorial, commercials and the red carpet, as well as being the beauty editor on Fiasco magazine. Busy Salina has currently opted for a change of scenery and has taken her talents to sunny Mumbai.

Face-saving make-up tip?
When you’re feeling tired or your skin isn’t up to scratch, a radiance cream, balm or serum –whichever texture you prefer – can’t be beaten. Wear under foundation or mix it in with your base for an instant glowing lift.

Desert island product?
Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold is one of the products I rush out and buy immediately if I run out. There’s nothing else quite like it for brightening and revitalising my skin.

Favourite tipple?
I love an Amaretto Sour or Mojito in the summer.

Play-time or down-time?
Down-time. I’m a bit of a home body and need to make sure I get enough ‘me time’. Being a make-up artist is such a social job, so it’s nice to switch off and relax every now and then.

Favourite thing in the world?
She’s not really a ‘thing’ but nobody makes me laugh as much as my sister does.

Where would you hope to be in 10 years in 10 words?
Tricky! I’m not sure! But hopefully I’m happy and healthy!

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