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The Answer to Perfect Party Hair

Swell Curl & Bounce Tonic is a lifesaver for us girls who want to manage and define our curls and wavy hair. Curly hair can be a real task when it comes to getting ready in the morning and making sure that it doesn’t end up frizzy by the end of the day. Sometimes we just wish there was that perfect product that would make having curly hair a pleasure rather than a chore and Swell hair care have managed to come up with just that.

First things first the Curl & Bounce tonic does not contain any silicones which are renowned for being a burden on curly hair. Why? Because they are not water soluble which means they can cause the hair to be weighed down by the build-up of product – leaving your curls undefined and frizzy. Not to mention Silicones can irritate your scalp and nobody wants that!

Curl & Bounce Tonic is designed to strengthen and define curls and waves, leaving them easier to style and having a longer-lasting effect throughout the day. After towel drying hair you just spray the Curl & Bounce tonic lightly and evenly to hair from root to tip. You can either blow dry or let your hair dry naturally to unveil those beautifully bouncy curls.

If you have always wanted that effortless beachy look the Curl & Bounce Tonic can help you create that, too. Just spray lightly on to the hair, give it a tousle and you are good to go. Your hair will not feel crispy or hard, it will have soft waves that have been effortlessly tousled.

Co-Founder of Swell and renowned London Hair Stylist Andrew Bidwell says that “this seasons party looks are a joy for those that struggle with complicated ‘do’s’ that take hours to construct. Think natural, Kate Moss waves and soft up do’s – throw away the tongs and irons and bring out Swell’s Ultimate Curl & Bounce Tonic to emphasise the ‘bounce’ and create clean, soft styles, pinned off face with a natural feel, height at the back with a pony tail or pinned in loosely, a continuous line from the cheek bones.”


Rock those curls this party season with the Swell Curl & Bounce Tonic!

Swell Curl & Bounce Tonic is available at M&S for £25.

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