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Make your skin age-resistant with a new daily staple from Alpha-H

The cumulative effect of year-round daily exposure to UV light, pollution and environmental stress doesn’t just leave our skins looking superficially dull and tired, photo-ageing becomes more magnified the deeper it travels… Into the Dermis where moisture levels are sapped, capillaries are weakened; the natural scaffolding provided by Collagen and Elastin fibres is compromised. Damage to the network of melanin-producing cells will ultimately yield yet another uncompromising sign of an unhealthy, ageing complexion: in the form of darker patches of hyperpigmentation and age spots.

The use of a broad spectrum UVA/UVB moisturiser is the only effective way of helping the skin to resist these complex and profound changes. And it needs to be worn not just in summer, but every single day, 365 days a year. To meet this purpose Alpha-H has formulated the new PROTECTION PLUS DAILY SPF 50+

In addition to the latest in sun filter technology, Protection Plus utilises two of nature’s own UV absorbers in the form of Pomegranate Oil and Mango Butter. Derived from the Middle French word pomme garnate or “seeded apple” Pomegranate was first used medicinally in Egypt in 1600 BC. It has remarkable anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties thanks largely to its ability to penetrate very deeply into the skin, where it can increase cell regeneration and Collagen production. Pomegranate is rich in Punicic Acid, a rare Omega-5 fatty acid that hydrates, conditions and prevents moisture loss even in the harshest of environments. Mango Butter is a soft, creamy emollient with a delicious mild scent. Extracted from the de-shelled kernels of the Mango tree, this silky light exotic butter soothes and quenches dry skin and is used in the rain forests and tropics for it’s softening, nourishing properties, and it’s effectiveness as a natural sun protection.

Supplementing these conditioning and protective ingredients is Pycnogenol – a super antioxidant made from the bark of the French Maritime Pine Tree. Ingested in the form of supplements Pycnogenol has been scientifically proven to slow down photo ageing in the skin. Used topically it not only makes the skin more age-resistant, it also helps to brighten the complexion, smooth fine lines and diminish the appearance of brown spots, melasma and unsightly age spots.

This breakthrough in daily age prevention is nourishing but non-greasy, touch-dry, non-whitening on all skin tones, and leaves a matte finish, which makes it a very effective base for make-up.

Apply liberally to the face, neck and décolletage 20 minutes before going outside. If you’re in a humid environment or you’re perspiring heavily, reapply every 2 hours to ensure maximum protection.

Price: £34.95

Alpha-H is available exclusively at Amida Spa, bath&,, beauty,,,,,,,,,,, St George’s Hill Spa,, and QVC.

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