Angus Alexander

We are incredibly passionate about our clients at Clare Forde PR, central to our hands-on ethos is that each client should receive the most dedicated service available.

We only work with brands that we LOVE, pioneering honest PR, where we are only willing to put our name to brands who share the same philosophies as us, who pioneer new and interesting product formulations and remain true to their brand guidelines with every commercial decision they make. Our clients deserve a face-to-face and hand to heart service, where we are able to over-deliver on our promises, and continue to come up with really innovative ways of getting your brand noticed not only within the industry and the press, but also commercially.

Our Clients



“Clare Forde offers the kind of bespoke, personalised service which is increasingly rare to find these days in PR. She is genuinely passionate about the brands she works with and is constantly seeking new and imaginative ways to promote them. These qualities are keenly appreciated by beauty editors and journalists – who clearly recognise her passion and integrity; emblematic of her commitment to work with only the very best products. Clare has played a huge part in developing Alpha-H in UK. Under her care its profile has grown from that of a relatively unknown salon brand from the other side of the planet into a highly regarded cult product beloved by the UK’s beauty cognoscenti.”

Tom Ogden
Brand Manager – Alpha-H EU

“Clare Forde PR are an absolute pleasure to work with, nothing is too much trouble. They are personable and our energies connected immediately. Since working with them a year ago they have provided us with exceptional service, fantastic press coverage and regular point of contact meetings. They thoroughly understand our brand and are an extension to our family.”

Suzannah Jenkins and Tina Steadman
Founders of Suti

“From the bottom of my heart, the Clare Forde team are amazing! A delight to work with and have continually achieved for our brand the most fantastic press coverage and awareness. They have without a doubt helped to propel the Amazing Face brand to heights I could not have dreamed off and at such speed! But one of the reason I especially love Clare Forde PR is their ‘down to earth’ approach; they are loving, warm, friendly and have humour – they are a pleasure to work but they deliver results at the same time. You know that Clare will only work with a brand she truly loves and believes in. I love them because, they are small, independent and can provide you with that personal one to one direct contact.”

Emma Hardie
Facialist and founder of Amazing Face

Past Clients