Angus Alexander

An Appointment with Dr Om

What – Om skincare is continually evolving and bringing out new and exciting products. To showcase this we organised two jam-packed days of press appointments to introduce the beauty industry to Dr Om’s new innovation, the reformulation of her Miracle Serum.


Where – The Haymarket Hotel. A swanky location with a relaxed atmosphere to put our guests at ease and make sure Om Skincare is the ultimate star of the show.


What we ate – Delicious tarts and pastries were served to guests so they could enjoy a sweet treat throughout the day.

What we drank – Wholesome teas and juices were offered and some opted for coffee, sometimes a caffeine fix is needed!

Happiness is – Seeing guests excited and thrilled by Om Skincare’s new releases as well as experiencing Dr Om’s sheer passion for all things skincare.


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